Tiger Woods is ready to return to professional golf. Or so he says. He will do just that this week at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, but Woods will have a different look when he tees it up on Thursday.

According to ESPN, Monster Energy has signed Woods to a deal that involves putting their logo on his golf bag. Woods' last two bag sponsors were MusclePharm (which paid Woods $2.5 million to take their logo off his bag earlier this year) and Fuse Science (which is now in the drone business).

Sources told ESPN that Woods will debut a Monster Energy logo on his bag at the Hero World Challenge, his foundation's 18-player tournament in the Bahamas this week. His agent, Mark Steinberg, confirmed a new sponsor would debut, but did not confirm that it would be Monster. Monster officials did not immediately return requests for comment.

Monster, which is mostly known for sponsoring more extreme athletes, is owned in part by Coca-Cola. This is an interesting transition for Woods as it is the third straight beverage company he has had for his golf bag.

It's easy to say that Woods' endorsements are going in the tank along with his game, but the reality is that he still has Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck and Hero (which will sponsor next week's tournament). Monster (along with Fuse Science and MusclePharm) sounds a little gimmicky compares to AT&T or Buick (former bag sponsors Woods had), but Woods will get a fat check from them to simply put their logo on his bag.

MusclePharm reportedly paid $7 million for less than two years' worth of sponsorship, so it's not exactly cheap real estate.

Woods will also reportedly begin using Bridgestone golf balls, though he's still trying out a variety of clubs and irons to replace his Nike sticks now that the apparel company is getting out of the equipment business.

What will be fascinating is to see which sponsorships Woods gains and loses over the next decade as his career (potentially) surges one last time before fading for good. For now, the coffers still seem to be full as well they should be. Tiger is still the biggest draw (by far) in golf.