Robert Karlsson withdraws from British Open for strangest reason ever

There are plenty of reasons for golfers to withdraw before a tournament begins. Guys could be injured or get food poisoning or step in a mole hole heading to the first tee. Most of the time, guys don't WD because of a bad pre shot routine. 

Introduce Robert Karlsson, the tall Swede who finished T-7 in the Open Championship back in 2008, who has decided to withdraw this week, but not for the reason you would expect.

Yep, that was Karlsson on Wednesday, saying he isn't going to play this week because, basically, his golf game sucks right now. While I want to rip the guy for leaving the coolest major championship of them all because he isn't mentally ready, you have to respect the guy a little for saying he knows he isn't prepared and is willing to give his spot to someone else (Even if the R&A isn't going to allow that to happen). 

Tons of guys withdraw after a bad first round citing injury, but Karlsson is taking the proactive approach and while it's nice of him to do, it still seems a bit strange.

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