Sergio Garcia hires CBS employee as Barclays caddie

Sergio Garcia is bringing his Wyndham mindset to Bethpage Black. (Getty Images)

If Sergio Garcia is attempting to start his own "dream job" reality TV show, he's off to a great start. A week ago, Garcia hired a club caddie to carry his back at the Wyndham Championship, and not only made the cut, but won the tournament, giving David Faircloth a story for the ages.

This week at the Barclays, it'll be a CBS spotter who has the honor of huffing Garcia's staff bag around Bethpage Black, as Garcia decided to go with Wayne Richardson as his looper du jour. 

Richardson normally spots yardages for the CBS golf production team, but he'll be doing a lot more than at Bethpage. Garcia, who split ways with caddie Gary Matthews after the PGA Championship, has seemed to find some sort of comfort in the "less is more" approach on the golf course, allowing these amateur caddies to go out and do as much and as little as they want. 

"I'm nervous, but I'm going to be excited at the same time," Richardson told USA Today. "My game plan is to carry the bag and do what the boss says."

Think about that for a minute. One day you're out walking a golf course for a job that is going to pay you a set fee, hoping that this leads to something up the food chain and maybe one day you'll be inside a truck with a nice promotion. The next you're being asked by Sergio Garcia, one of the top-five most recognizable golfers on the planet, to carry his golf bag a week after he won his first PGA Tour tournament since 2008. 

It's a pretty awesome story for both. Richardson will have the pleasure of being inside the ropes like he's never been before, being a part of the action even if Sergio continues to reiterate that the job is simply to carry the bag. Garcia now can play his game just like he did at the Wyndham, with as good a shot as anyone to snag the first leg of the FedEx Cup.

I've got a crazy wrinkle, if Sergio wants to hear it. Next week, why not continue your CBS Sports caddie tradition with, say, a lesser known sports blogger that has looped a few times on the LPGA Tour??! It would be a Cinderella story! 

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