Seven-year-old golfer makes hole-in-one during first-ever round of golf

I have never made a hole-in-one. Most of my friends haven't either. I have multiple friends who are at or near scratch golfers who have yet to run into an ace. So I hope they aren't reading about this kid who made an ace in his first-ever round of golf.

Freddy Sage of Welwyn Garden City, England, recently completed the feat on a 100-yard par 3 to the disbelief of pretty much everyone in attendance. The seven-year old had been practicing and taking lessons for a few months, but had never actually played a round. Then he made a hole in one.

"I've never heard of anything like this before, and I've been in the game for 36 years," club pro Gary Parker told the Welwyn Hatfield Times. "It's exceptional, completely unique. It was the perfect shot. It wasn't just one of those flukey things – he hit it straight off the tee and it was a proper golfing shot."

"I was in shock really," instructor Ian Parker told the Times. "I was helping another kid out and I just looked up and saw it happen. Everyone was doing aeroplanes down the fairway to celebrate – it was fantastic."

It really is kind of fantastic, and now Sage will likely be coming back the rest of his life trying to repeat the feat. Same as the rest of us.

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