Social change, leverage, goofups and a course called Augusta in Maine

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It can get pretty comical when people who are not exactly golf experts try to find ways to fix the Augusta National Golf Club's gender situation.

If not ludicrous.

A decade ago, for instance, when Martha Burk was agitating for the club to add female members, whe suggested that the PGA Tour just move the event to a different course, unaware that the course and its members operate and own the tournament. Her credibility took a major hit.

On Friday, an email arrived in journalists in-boxes from an organization called, which was trying to put some pressure on the club to change its exclusionary membership policy.

In an apparent attempt to leverage the club, the release listed the director of the membership services at "Augusta Country Club," and offered his email address and phone number.

Here's where it gets downright amateurish and idiotic. That's the wrong club -- by a far piece.

There is an Augusta Country Club located on an adjoining piece of property to Augusta National Golf Club. But the number and contact listed in the email is for a different club with the same name.

That would be outside Augusta, Maine.

"They didn’t even get the right state," said a receptionist who answered the phone.

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