Some pros not eager to return to Merion for another US Open

The logistics of Merion hosting a US Open was a concern, and some players weren't satisfied.
The logistics of Merion hosting the US Open was a concern, and some players weren't satisfied. (USATSI)

A number of PGA Tour players spoke out this week about their experience at the US Open at Merion Golf Club, and most were not positive. Surprisingly, the uncharacteristically high scores last week had nothing to do with the players' ill will.

Instead, their main beef was with the way the tournament was run and the club's limitations, not the difficulty of play. For instance, players were forced to endure a 20-minute shuttle ride from the practice range to the first tee.

"We went from Olympic [last year's Open site], which was as smooth as a tournament could be, to Merion, which was just difficult," said Nicholas Thompson, according to Golf Digest. "It's a great golf course ... but there are no hotels near the course, and there's only one road leading to the course. So in the back of your mind, you're always thinking, 'Am I going to catch traffic and be late for my tee time?'"

There were some concerns leading up to the tournament, and the consensus seems to be that things could have been a lot better.

When asked if he'd like to see Merion host again, Charley Hoffman, who finished T-45 at the US Open, said, "No. It had horrible logistics. The gallery was very restricted. But I guess that's what happens when an organization runs a golf tournament."

The history at Merion is its main draw, but its overall lack of space appeared to have rankled many of the players. Changes will perhaps need to be made if the site of Ben Hogan's famous 1 iron is to see a major championship on its grounds again.

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