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The Masters is over, which means the spring golf season for amateurs like you and me is officially underway (sorry if you're reading this from Canada ... or one of the many cities still receiving snow in the US).

I live in Texas so I've gotten a bit of a head start on some of you and I've been testing a few different pieces of equipment I think you need to check out.

You can click on the photos to take you to the site where you can purchase each item.

ProductRating (out of 10)Analysis
9 An American Caddie by Oliver Horovitz is a really great read on how Horovitz spent his summers caddying the Old Course in St. Andrews. I read a lot (well, for a sports fan) and this is one of the best books I've come across in a while. Forced me to write "play Old Course" on my bucket list. ($16)
8 These Secret Grips by Boccieri Golf get an eight because, well, I haven't actually put them on my clubs yet. Let me tell you this, though, I like them so much that sometimes I'll just walk around the house with one in my hand like a normal person would walk around with an actual club in his or her hand. The weight and balance are perfect; can't wait to get them on my irons. ($17)
7 I'm not a huge golf ball guy (mostly because I'm not good enough to be) but this product from Maxfli is smooth. They keep it simple with the exterior design and solid with the interior production on the U6 Maxfli ball (the first ever ball with six layers). I like a golf ball I like to look at and feels strong when I hit it. This does both. ($45)
10 My predecessor Shane Bacon talks about Kentwool socks like they're pieces of fine art, and you know what, he's right. They are. True story: I wore my Kentwool Bubba Greens the last three days of the Masters. Never changed them. I was standing, sitting, pacing, and running and I never once changed them out. That's how comfortable I was in them. ($20)
9 I've tested more than a few pairs of shoes this spring and these are pretty hard to beat. I always heard people rant and rave about Ecco shoes but never really bought in. Consider me a believer now, though. These BIOM Golf Hybrid Eccos are so comfortable it feels like I'm grilling out with my deck shoes on by the fourth hole. Thumbs up (Mickelson-style). ($190)
8 As I mentioned above I'm a big-time amateur when it comes to golf. I love playing but I'm not that great or consistent. That's why I love the My Hite FLYTee. It's pretty much unbreakable (I used the same tee my entire last round) and I can consistently tee my drive up at the exact same height. ($8)
8 I'm a big fan of thin blades and the Odyssey Versa #1 white/black/white version is no different. I've been using this stick for a few months now and while I thought the color scheme would be distracting at first, it's actually helped me roll the ball really well. I also recommend the #9. ($170)
7 My two favorite things about GolfLogix are 1) it's free and 2) I don't need a device other than my phone to use it. You can use this app to track shot trends and distances at over 32,000 courses around the world. It's pretty spectacular. (Free)
8 This Tin-Cup ball marker is a pretty slick device. You can apply a variety of logos (including your favorite college's logo) to your ball in a matter of seconds with a sharpie. I'm a big fan of the bomb and rocket logos, if only because that's how I wish I drove the ball. ($20)
8 You know how you have, like, nine towels on your bag right now and it weighs about five pounds more than it should? Don't act like this isn't true. You can replace these with this one towel and never need to switch it out again. The Club Glove Caddy Towel holds 300 percent of its weight in water and looks sharp to boot. Must have. ($20)

These are just a few of the great products we've tested here at Eye on Golf. You can go here to see more (including some of the drivers and woods we've hit). 

And if (when) all else fails, just remember this:

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