St. Andrews principal isn't allowed in clubhouse 600 yards from her house

When will women be allowed in the R&A? (Getty Images)
When will women be allowed in the R&A? (Getty Images)

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You're probably going to hear more about this as the week wears on so I figured I'd try and jump out in front of it a little bit.

Louise Richardson, the principal of the University of St. Andrews, recently spoke up about how ridiculous it is that women aren't allowed to be members at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews.

"Here’s St. Andrews University, ranked third in the U.K., we’re an organization of 10,000 people, we support 9,000 jobs, I run this place very successfully, and I’m not allowed in the clubhouse 600 yards from my house?"

She also she said "thanks, but no thanks" on entering the place until she's granted a membership.

"I should say I have occasionally been invited into the clubhouse. I think once a month on a Sunday, wives that are well-behaved are invited to a lunch, something like that. People have said, 'Don’t worry, I’ll take you to lunch.' But I’ve said, 'I’m not eating in the clubhouse until women can enter.'"

The rub here is that the two previous principals received honorary memberships while she came empty-handed because, well, she's a woman.

It's something the R&A could reverse later on this year, though. There will be a vote in September about whether women are allowed to join.

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