Steve Williams a part of Adam Scott's success, but just a part

Adam Scott will be attempting to win his first major on Sunday with Steve Williams on the bag. (Getty Images)

There are few facts that must be addressed concerning the fact that Tiger Woods' old caddie is now the caddie for Adam Scott, the current leader at the 2012 British Open.

-- Steve Williams, the old caddie, once worked with Tiger Woods.

-- Of the 14 major titles, Williams was on the bag for 13 of them.

-- During Tiger's injury spell in 2011, Williams asked, and was told it was cool, to caddie for Adam Scott, which he did at both the U.S. Open and the Open Championship.

-- Tiger and Williams split ways in somewhat ugly fashion, with Williams making a rather brainless comments following Scott's WGC-Bridgestone Invitational win that it was the "best win I've ever had."

This is what happened over the course of these three's somewhat unconnected relationship. Caddies and players split ways all the time (and even help out when other caddies get sick), but with Tiger, the news gets overblown, and that is where we are over this weekend at Royal Lytham & St. Annes.

Fans, critics and broadcasters alike all overflow the importance of Steve Williams, someone Hank Haney called the best caddie ever in his controversial book "The Big Miss." Williams is extremely good at his job, both in the sense of protecting his player and understanding how to approach them. Golfers are fragile individuals by nature, and the job of a caddie is to both get the yardage right, the clubs right and make sure the golfer doesn't complete lose it mentally when the wheels start to shake. 

But he's still just a guy on the bag, and while his presence has definitely helped Scott, it hasn't put him in some magical position to win a major championship. 

If Scott and Woods are paired on Sunday, this white noise is going to be overwhelming. Already, the ESPN booth broadcasting this event has beaten to death their joke, "Scott is playing this well with Tiger's old swing and his old caddie." The idea is neither clever nor funny. Adam Scott is playing this well because Adam Scott hits the ball as good, if not better, than anyone else on this entire planet and the putter has been hot this week. He's doing this because he isn't making a ton of mistakes and if there is any comparison that should be made between Tiger and Adam, it's the mental state Scott seems to be in right now. The guy looks unflappable. 

But comments and "jokes" will continue to fly around. Williams is an important part to Scott's success, but he is simply just that, a part, and not the whole. If Tiger has thought about Steve Williams once this week, I'd be as shocked as if Woods shanked a tee ball into the gallery, because that relationship ended as many do, and we're the only ones left talking about it. 

Tiger is playing well. Adam Scott is playing well. Let us enjoy that and just that. And please ... please, no more "Williams is attemping to tie Tiger's 14 majors." Jockeys only win when the horse they're riding is stronger than the rest of the field. 

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