Ten (ridiculous) reasons why the Americans will win the Ryder Cup

The United States is definitely, 100 percent the favorite according to this in-depth list. (Getty Images)

The Ryder Cup kicks off on Friday. It's one of the most-cherished golf events in the game and one that has all sports fans focused on the team event for three excruciatingly timid days of golf. I've already given my winning pick, but honestly, what the heck do I know? The Europeans could trounce the Americans. The Americans could whip the Euros, and we won't know any of that until Sunday evening.

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So with that, we present, the 10 irrelevant reasons why the Americans will take home the cup.

The Americans have way more major winners this season than the Europeans -- Well, two, which is a lot more than one if you think about it. It's almost double. That is a huge boost for the red, white and blues and will definitely be the key to a winning recipe. Also, what guy in their team room can bring in the green jacket for extra motivation? Exactly.

The Americans have never lost a Ryder Cup at Medinah -- Hey, undefeated is undefeated. 

There is little to no rough at Medinah -- And this helps the Americans because they always miss fairways all the time and no player on the Europeans has ever missed a fairway in his career, thus making the gap between finishing in the fairway and the rough obsolete and the Americans can now hit it all over the park and not care where it ends up even if it's up against a tree. 

Michael Jordan is going to be there -- And if the Bobcats are any indication, this is a guy that knows how to build a winning team. 

If the Ryder Cup changed the rules before the event began and you had to field one team of all left-handers, the Americans would be the only team that could do that -- Bubba and Phil. Man I hope this happens! 

The Americans are due -- It's crazy, but besides 2008 and 1999 it has been forever since they've won. It's their time. 

USA is killing the Europeans in bald guys -- Have you ever met a bald guy that was bad at golf? Besides your dad? And that kinda pudgy guy that always seems to be driving in your fairway? Of course not. Steve Stricker, Jim Furyk, Matt Kuchar, Zach Johnson and even Tiger Woods … this is a serious group of cue balls, and that is a huge deal, apparently.

The Europeans do not have Tiger Woods … the Americans do -- He's Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer in the history of the game. How could you lose with a guy like him on your team?!

More rookies = domination -- That's the equation, right? More rookies is the key to success here? Sorry, I'm new at this.

Home-field advantage -- If this golf event is anything like the 2012 NFL season, home-field advantage will be a huge motivation and definitely have the referees on the side of the Yanks.

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