This could be the most perfect John Daly photo of all time

Never change, John Daly. Never change. (Getty Images)

Oh, John Daly. We go months and months without talking to each other and my mind starts to forget about us. The history we've had together. Crooked Stick. St. Andrews. Kid Rock. It's all been great. 

But sometimes you just pop back in my life and it's brilliant. Like this picture, taken by the amazing Stuart Franklin of Getty Images. 

Daly was in the trees during his first round of the Hong Kong Open and he tried to go all Tiger Woods at Augusta on it, with just a little less grace. 

His face. Those pants. That shot. His mullet. It's all everything we wanted it to be.

Daly shot 2-over 72 to start his week and sits T-75, and while he might not make the cut this week, that image will last forever. 

h/t the good people at Bunker Shot

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