This insane Tiger Woods Masters stat proves his 20-year dominance

Tiger Woods is not done playing in the Masters. Well, not that we know of anyway. But we won't see him until at least 2017 as he announced on Friday that he's skipping the 2016 edition of this tournament.

That is obviously a bummer because golf is always more fun when he plays. But as the 2016 obituaries rolled in on Woods playing the Masters, one stood out above them all.

We all know Woods and Phil Mickelson have dominated Augusta like nobody else has over the last decade. I looked at that myself this week. But I didn't realize just how dominant he's been over the last two decades. Take a look at this stat. 

My first thought was, "Anthony Kim!" My second was, "Oh, Tiger!" We can actually take it a step further which will make you wonder how in the world Woods has only won four of these things.

So Woods won't be at Augusta for the second time in three years, but it doesn't much matter. He wasn't going to win anyway. Let his absence be a reminder of how insane his presence once was at this tournament. It might never be matched again ... 

(... or Spieth might match it over the next 15 years).

The best ever at Augusta? (USATSI)
The best ever at Augusta? (USATSI)

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