There are innumerable Phil Mickelson gambling stories, each seemingly more improbable and better than the last. The latest (which is actually an older tale) is one of the better we've heard. Is it true? Some variation of it likely is, though the exact details might be a bit skewed for the sake of the story.

It involves Mickelson's participation in 'Tin Cup.' recently did a terrific 20-year oral history of the iconic movie and interviewed several of the original actors and people involved.

One of those was Cheech Marin who played Romeo, Roy McAvoy's (played by Kevin Costner) caddie and best friend. Marin told a behind-the-scenes Mickelson story for the ages.

I'll tell you a story no one's ever heard. We were between scenes, standing around, and someone came up with a bet. There was this really tall pine tree, and someone said to Phil Mickelson, "I bet you can't put your shoulder against the tree, drop a ball and hit it over the tree." The shot basically had to go straight up. Everybody threw in a hundred bucks. I think there was $1,200 in the pot. And he did it! When the ball was still in the air, Mickelson bent over, picked up the money, and put it in his pocket.

You have heard of #TourSauce, right? This is some all-time #TourSauce. Mickelson bending over to pick up the money before the ball had even landed is peak Mickelson as well.

Because of who Lefty is and the nature of his gambling and #TourSauce ways, I'm inclined to believe most of this tale ... though having your shoulder against a tree while simultaneously swinging a club seems physically impossible. Maybe he was nearly or basically up against the tree. No matter, though. It's still a tremendous story made better because Phil Mickelson is involved.

Also, you should definitely go read the entire oral history. It's great.