Tiger Woods may not play golf in 2017, but we know the Tiger Woods Foundation will at least host the Genesis Open at Riviera in Los Angeles. We have known this for a while that Northern Trust left this tournament to host a playoff event in 2017, but we haven't heard Woods discuss the joys of hosting the tournament where he had his PGA Tour debut back in 1992 until now.

Riviera as a course is one of the purest on the entire PGA Tour. Woods hasn't played it in a long time, but his foundation playing host affords him the opportunity to pick back up at a tournament in Los Angeles that should be a natural fit for him.

"To be able to play in a tour event for the very first time in my home town was awesome," said Woods. "To have us come back to southern California and be able to host an event here in my home town. It doesn't get any better than that."

What will be even better is if Woods actually plays like he did back in 1992. He shot 72-75 as a 16-year-old back when it was the Nissan Los Angeles Open. We are a few car companies down the road (Genesis is actually a Hyundai car), but Tiger is still around. Hopefully.

That's where I'm betting he makes his 2017 debut anyway.