Tiger Woods explains missing tooth, lacking 'brown dudes at ski races'

Tiger Woods was downright jovial at his press conference Tuesday. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods was downright jovial at his press conference Tuesday. (Getty Images)

Tiger Woods stood in front of the media on Tuesday and got grilled on ... well ... he got grilled on his teeth and the mask he wore to Lindsey Vonn's ski race last week.

It was just your average Phoenix Open press conference.

Woods explained in detail what happened in Italy when his tooth was knocked out. Apparently, he was standing behind a cameraman who stood up suddenly and smoked Woods in the face.

He called the plane ride home a "joke" because of how much pain he was in but said he had the tooth fixed and his other front one repaired because it got chipped in the process.

Woods noted that the one that got knocked out was one he'd had a root canal on.

His story actually seemed plausible for two reasons. The first is that we found out other parts of his face were injured which would almost have to be the case if you got hit with a camera. 

The second is that Woods' mask could have concealed any blood that seeped out.

Oh, that mask. Woods was asked about it as well. "I was trying to blend in," he said. "There's not a lot of brown dudes at ski races." 

When asked why the strange skeleton pattern on the mask, he answered with a question back to the reporter. "Do you play Ghost Recon?" he quipped. The reporter said no. "Then you don't know," Tiger continued.

Woods also addressed the fact that, uh, nobody actually believed his tooth story. "It's just the way the media is. It is what it is," he said.

The Big Cat was on the prowl for some funnies on Tuesday, and he got them at nearly every turn. It's good to have Tiger Woods back in golf, but it's better to have an enjoyable Woods back in the media room.

How long will it last?

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