Tiger Woods golf odds: You can now bet on whether he plays the 2018 Masters

Tiger Woods is not back, but he might be back at some point in the near future, and you can wager on what that future will look like, according to Paddy Power. Tiger props are always the most fascinating, and now we have a whole host of them to consider following a series of tweets from Woods about his own swing and a green light from his back surgeon

Other outlets even have props on which tournament Woods will return at and whether he'll get married at any point over the next few years. For now, though, let's focus on the golf.

Here's a look at the golf-only odds from Paddy Power.

  • Make a cut on the PGA Tour again: 1-6
  • Get back in the world top 50: 6-4
  • Win on the PGA Tour in 2018: 16-1
  • Make the cut at a major again: 2-5
  • Officially retire from golf by the end of 2018: 7-4
  • Win a major in 2018: 25-1
  • Play the 2018 Masters: 4-9
  • Get back in the world top 10: 10-1
  • Hire Butch Harmon again: 33-1
  • Hit the fairway on first tee shot back: 4-6
  • Win another major in his career: 10-1
  • Make the 2020 Olympic team: 40-1
  • Miss the cut in his first event: 8-11
  • Hire Steve Williams again: 12-1
  • Win his next PGA Tour event: 50-1
  • Make the cut in his first event back: 1-1
  • Play the 2018 Ryder Cup: 12-1
  • Get back to world No. 1: 50-1

There are some truly atrocious numbers in here such as winning a major in 2018 at 25-1. Tiger might not even play a tournament, much less win a major, in 2018. That 50-1 number to win his first PGA Tour event back is laughable, too. Make it 5,000-1, and I still probably wouldn't touch it.

I like the career major one at 10-1. That's not too bad, although I'd rather it be something like 25-1. I also like making the 2020 Olympic team at 40-1. That's far enough away that it takes some of the known out of it. With Tiger and wagering, you need the unknown to have any shot.

All in all, these are fun to think about more than anything. Tiger will never be Tiger again, but he could be something. Just what that is as he enters his mid-40s, nobody knows. But we know he at least wants to play again and hopefully soon. Who knows, maybe we'll be posting some Tiger-only Masters 2018 odds here in about six months.

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