Tiger Woods has started putting and chipping and is 'on schedule'

Tiger Woods can putt again. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods can putt again. (Getty Images)

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Let's all jump up and down and clap our hands and celebrate because Tiger Woods is off his couch and we're one day closer to golf being saved!

According to Bob Harig of ESPN Woods has begun chipping and putting and has progressed nicely in his recovery.

"Tiger Woods has progressed to the point of 'light' chipping and putting and there have been 'zero' setbacks or complications since back surgery was performed on March 31, according to the golfer's agent, Mark Steinberg."

Steinberg also said he has a non-linear schedule in place.

"He is on schedule but we don't know what that schedule means. I don't know when he intends to be playing competitively.

"But I expect it to be this summer. I know that's a wide range, but as the weeks go by we'll be able to pinpoint an approximate time. It's still a little early for that. Nothing that has gone on from the day of the surgery until today gives me any pause to amend what I said then. I know that's broad and vague but we can't pinpoint a specific time until we're further along."

Notah Begay doesn't think it will be before the US Open and neither do I.

But it is good for golf and really for everyone that Woods' back is feeling better.

"The level of discomfort he was in prior to having this was incredibly high," Steinberg said. "That pain went away close to right after the surgery. The pain was mostly from the surgery itself. But the pain he was in and causing him to force the surgery is gone."

Wait, how do we know? Wasn't the pain from swinging the club or was it just everyday life?

Either way, Steinberg said Woods is being wise about his (don't call it a) comeback.

"I've seen a very responsible approach to getting back," Steinberg said. "This is about the next 10 or 15 years, this is not about the next 10 weeks. This is not about targeting any specific tournament. If he needs to wait one or two or three extra weeks he will. He's thinking about this very, very long term."

Celebration, commence:

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