Tiger Woods is one of the most mentioned athletes in the world

Tiger Woods still carries weight in the sports world. (USATSI)
Tiger Woods still carries weight in the sports world. (USATSI)

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On Friday Deadspin did a really great post analyzing SportsCenter shows for the last 12 months. They looked at why different teams got mentioned on the show, which teams were mentioned the most, which sports got the most air time, and which athletes got the most mentions.

Predictably LeBron James headed up the list of athletes with the most mentions (nearly 2,000 mentions!). Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Durant trailed James by quite a bit before Tiger Woods slid into the sixth spot, just ahead of, yup, Tim Tebow.

Woods was the only golfer in the top 20 and the only non-football or non-basketball player in the top 16.

I know some people will be annoyed to no end that their assumptions (Woods is overplayed) are affirmed by this statistical evidence but I can't fault ESPN for playing the hits, so to speak.

Woods is the biggest attraction in golf and it's not even close. Everybody else exists in his shadow -- right or wrong it's the truth.

And now we have the post to prove it.

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