Tiger Woods on injury: 'Bone popped out of place ... but I put it back'

Tiger Woods suffered an injury scare on the ninth hole when he hit a root on a shot from the straw, but he appeared to shake it off and was able to finish his round. 

Tiger finished with a 73 on Sunday to land in a tie for 17th with Sergio Garcia at 5-under. After his round, Woods did an interview with Bill Macatee where Tiger was asked about the injury.

Woods very calmly explained the injury to the shock of Macatee.

"A bone kinda popped out, joint went out of place, but I put it back in," said Woods.

"Really?" said Macatee.

"Yeah," said Woods.

"Wow, OK," said Macatee. 

The replay didn't seem to show Woods pop anything back into place immediately and Woods never specified what bone, but if he did dislocate something and pop it back in that's pretty insane. 

Ouch.  (Getty Images)

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