Tiger Woods might not be doing anything interesting on the golf course these days but there's certainly some intrigue following him around off of it.

Last week, Sports Illustrated came out with a fascinating report on the progression of Woods' new restaurant in Jupiter, Florida -- a restaurant he was showing off to Michael Jordan in a Ferrari.

Will Tiger Woods serve food at his new restaurant? (Getty Images)
Will Tiger Woods serve food himself at his new restaurant? (Getty Images)

We learned that it's going to cost $8 million to build Woods' new eatery, but we also picked up a few other things.

Here's Sports Illustrated:

"The developer was asked about the cumbersome name, The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club. He referred to it as Woods Jupiter and expects that’s what most people will call it. Mastroianni said he was told that Nike 'has the rights to the name Tiger Woods,' which prevented Woods using his first and last name in the restaurant name."

Wait, what? Nike owns the name Tiger Woods,and he can't use it on his own business ventures? Is that a real thing anywhere outside of the WWE?

The developer, Nicholas A. Mastroianni II, said the craziness surrounding the Woods name doesn't stop there.

"Mastroianni said that anytime he wants to use Woods’s name in a press release or anything similar he needs permission from Woods’s business people. 'It’s over the top,' he said."

That is bonkers. 

Woods has to be the most insulated athlete on Earth. Your restaurant developer isn't allowed to reference your name regarding the restaurant he is building for you? That's nuts.

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