Patrick Reed re-lit the Ryder Cup flame this week during the 2018 Hero World Challenge with some inflammatory comments to the New York Post on Wednesday. 

It is seemingly the story that won't die, mostly because its protagonist won't let it. His quotes about Jordan Spieth and the U.S. team ended as perfectly as you might have expected them to. Reed was asked if his Captain America moniker has vanished after going 0-2-1 in Paris.

"No," he said. "I'm still 3-0 in singles.''

What a quote. 

Part of the original kerfuffle in October came when Reed insinuated that Tiger Woods, who he was paired with during the team portion of the event, apologized to him for not playing better. Reed also said that the Jordan Spieth-Reed Ryder Cup breakup had to do with Spieth not wanting to play with him anymore. He explained that a little further this week.

"It was just a lack of communication," Reed told the NY Post, adding that he and Spieth haven't talked. "It had nothing to do with hard feelings. Jordan's an awesome player. Him and I seem to always play really well together, and there were some decisions that were made that I didn't agree with that captain [Furyk] thought were right.

"You had to look at the breakdown of all the guys on the team and what was best for the entire team, not just one or two individuals. So you split up Jordan and I, right? Then you split up Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler, who have played great golf together … groupings that had been proven successful in that format. So it was about the team, not one or two individuals.''

Tiger was asked on Thursday how he felt about everything with Reed, and he gave a verbal Heisman pose.

"Yeah, we spoke after the Ryder Cup for a long period of time and, you know, we talked amongst us and it will stay between us," Woods said. "Some of the things that, as I've said, it's between us and we'll be handling it between us."

Apparently he and Reed are finally (?) on the same page, because Reed was reciting similar verbiage after his 7-under 65 on Thursday at the Hero. This was on Thursday following his semi-doubling down on Wednesday with the Post. 

"I don't think anything needs to be resolved," Reed said. "I mean, I've seen all the guys and, you know, we've talked to all the guys and, you know, we've all moved past that. We're plenty of weeks beyond the Ryder Cup. 

"Whatever I talk about with other players and other guys, you know, stays between the guys."

So who knows if this is the end. Part of me wants it to be. Part of me wants this to go on forever. The thing that has become clear is that Reed is a difficult (but super talented) teammate and that all of this will be taken into account during the 2020 Ryder Cup and maybe even more so at the 2019 Presidents Cup ... where Tiger Woods will be the captain.