Tiger Woods score: Moving Day at 2018 Dell Technologies Championship could have been better

Tiger Woods came into Sunday's third round of the 2018 Dell Technologies Championship needing something smoking good to have a shot at winning his 80th PGA Tour event on Monday in Round 4. It looked for a while like he would get it. Woods birdied three of his first seven, made the turn in 33 and shot up into the top 15 on the leaderboard. A stalled-out finish led to a 3-under 68, though, which put Woods at 7 under for the week, well back of the leaders.

Woods was marvelous with his irons and around the greens, just as he's been all year. But he again struggled off the tee (to nobody's surprise) and had a number of lipped-out putts that could have gone either way. He was close, as he might say, but not close enough.

Woods needed something in the low 60s to really have a chance at winning this Labor Day weekend event, and he knew it. If there was a theme to his day, it was this: Woods hit three approaches on the back nine inside of 12 feet for birdie. He played those holes in even par. He's not necessarily wasting his good shots, but he's definitely not taking advantage of them.

All things considered, it has been an average week for Woods. He's been brilliant at times and lousy at others. He's stiffed irons, an he's overcooked them like he did on the par-4 14th on Saturday. He's been unassailable off the tee, and he's been, uh, pretty bad off the tee. His new putter comes and goes. 

I've written this many times, but I'm not sure anyone knows what to do with this version of Tiger. The classic, field-slaying Tiger? That's easy. The hobbled Tiger who shot 80 seemingly more often than he shot 65? That was also a narrative that we could at least understand, make something of. This is somewhere between those two, which is both strange and a little disconcerting. It's also a reality.

The good news for Woods is that on the anniversary week of him being allowed to chip balls last year following a fourth back surgery, he's again mixing it up at the highest level on the PGA Tour.

Woods was asked this week if he goes back and watches that video he tweeted out.

"I do a lot," he said. "I do a lot. And throughout this entire year I've gone back to that and just been so thankful that I have the opportunity to start chipping again, start progressing. And never would have dreamt that I'd be in this position. Just so thankful that everything turned out the way it did."

Maybe not this tournament, but definitely this season. And hopefully several more following it.

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