Tiger Woods turns 37 on Sunday; major quest in jeopardy?

Tiger Woods ages another year. (GettyImages)

Tiger Woods turned 37 on Sunday, and he hasn't won a major in 1,658 days. If you're a Woods fan, that might not be a total cause for concern, though.

First of all, Woods was fantastic last year (top 10s in 47 percent of his tournaments played) and historical data tells us that major winners are still very active at age 37 and beyond.

Take a look at the chart below from golfmajorchampionships.com:

Ages of major winners. (Golfmajorchampionships)

While the wheelhouse for major winners is ages 28-35 (52 percent of major winners), golfers 37-48 have actually won 19 percent of all the majors.

This is actually a lot better than majors won by golfers ages 17-25 (16 percent).

I didn't expect the number to be nearly that high for the older set of guys when I started digging into the data.

This is good news for Tiger (and Tiger fans) as he ages another year and heads into yet another grinding PGA Tour season.

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