I still have a lot of questions about Friday's big money match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but one thing that's certain about the 18-hole festivities for $9 million is that there will be side bets. There will be many, many side bets. Both from Woods and Mickelson themselves on the course as well as those watching at home, who will apparently be fed real-time data during the match. 

All of it is going to add up to one massive betting festival, which is probably a big part of what everyone was going for when this idea was formulated to begin with. Geoff Shackelford pointed this out recently in a piece we collaborated on.

And let's be honest: this is a test for a format that opens up the sport to responsible betting programs as we get closer to legalized gambling.

Eamon Lynch of Golfweek came to the same conclusion.

The real value of "The Match" is in blueprinting the vast scope that exists within golf for in-round gambling. Not just between players but on the scenarios they face. For every competitor there exists a deep reservoir of data — his average leave from all distances, his make percentage on putts of any length — that represents a wealth of predictive information. Incorporating that into every golf telecast, not just this one, would be manna for gamblers and considerably more engaging for casual viewers.  

So yes, gambling is going to be a big part of what happens on Friday, and with the PGA Tour in favor of some sort of implementation of gambling on live golf in the future, Shackelford is correct, this is a testing ground. I don't think it's a massive coincidence that Shadow Creek in Las Vegas was chosen as the locale for this match.

With that in mind, here are a few fun prop bets for the Woods-Mickelson match this week. 


  • Phil Mickelson: +170
  • Tiger Woods: -220

Tiger Woods hits first fairway

  • Yes: -190
  • No: +140

Phil Mickelson hits first fairway

  • Yes: -130
  • No: -110

When will the match be closed out?

  • Hole No. 13 or earlier: +5000
  • Hole No. 14: +2500
  • Hole No. 15: +1000
  • Hole No. 16: +500
  • Hole No. 17: +300
  • Hole No. 18: -150
  • Playoff: +250

Which player will have the most birdies

  • Phil Mickelson: -120
  • Tiger Woods: -110

Will there be a hole in one

  • Yes: +550
  • No: -1000

How many times will Tiger press

  • Over 4.5: -115
  • Under 4.5: -115

How many times will Phil Mickelson press

  • Over 6.5: -115
  • Under 6.5: -115

How many side bets will there be

  • Over 12.5: -115
  • Under 12.5: -115

Amount of largest side bet

  • Over $50,000: -115
  • Under $50,000: -115

Will Tiger or Phil say "LeBron"

  • Yes: +375
  • No: -650

Total curse words combined from Tiger and Phil

  • Over 21.5: -115
  • Under 21.5: -115

Total times Tiger twirls his club

  • Over 3.5: -115
  • Under 3.5: -115

And if you need something to color the way you wager on all of this, Tiger recently talked about how he's basically been in Mickelson's head for the last two decades.

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