Tom Watson talks Tiger Woods and the Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods is going to be a question mark for the Ryder Cup. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods is going to be a question mark for the Ryder Cup. (Getty Images)

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The Ryder Cup is still four months away but when Tiger Woods and Tom Watson are prominently involved in a storyline, that's sort of a big deal.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated (a great interview), Watson told Jeff Ritter that Woods will be an "automatic pick" for the Ryder Cup if he's healthy.

"I've said it before that he's an automatic pick," said Watson. "You can't have a player of that caliber not on the team. But that has to be weighed next to what his health is.

"I hope he can get back in the swing, because he wasn't playing his best even before the surgery. But if he's not physically right, Tiger will be the first one to tell me."

There's an even better exchange about Watson and Woods having a sit-down that ends with Watson saying he and Tiger "don't know each other very well." It's as awesome as it sounds.

Watson had previously backed off auto-picking Woods when he was asked what he would do if Tiger only played one more tournament this season.

"One more tournament? I'm not going to answer that. Tiger I hope just basically gets well and starts playing well again. If he gets well and is playing well, I'll pick him. But one more tournament, I don't know. I can't answer that."

Technically Woods could play in one tournament and be completely healthy but I understand Watson's unwillingness to deal in hypotheticals.

I think we all know that as long as Woods tells Watson it's "go time" for Gleneagles, he's going to be there.

Woods is currently 64th in qualifying points for the team. Behind stalwarts such as Justin Hicks and Andrew Svoboda.

That whole Watson interview, by the way, is incredible. He talks about Turnberry in 2009 and the girl who beat him in a race in 4th grade. Amazing stuff.

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