Verne Lundquist didn't know what 'Happy Gilmore' was about until he saw it

There are a million lasting moments from "Happy Gilmore," but one of the best is Verne Lundquist being on the mic for the iconic movie.

Lundquist recently went on an episode of Just Not Sports and discussed his role in the movie. Hilariously, he didn't even know the full breadth of the film until he saw the premiere.

"I saw only (the script for) my scenes, so I didn't know the first half of the movie," said Lundquist. "So when I saw it, I was somewhat shocked.

"They flew Nancy and me from Colorado out to the Universal lot for the premiere. ... We went in, sat down, and that's the first time I'd seen the whole thing. And I thought, 'holy cow, this is some kind of vile movie.'"

He soon realized he had an unintentional hit on his hands.

"I said it may have been the, 'who the hell is Happy Gilmore' line and it got a huge roar from the audience. I thought, "God almight, I didn't think it was that funny.' People, I think, took it for what it was. And it was an early career Adam Sandler movie, and it still gets shown on cable every night."

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