Very first Masters green jacket up for auction

Adam Scott's green jacket isn't up for auction, but somebody else's is. (USATSI)
Adam Scott's green jacket isn't up for auction, but somebody else's is. (USATSI)

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Want to buy a green jacket?

Of course you do, and now there's a way you can.

Horton Smith's green jacket -- given to Smith in 1934 when he won the first Masters -- went up for auction last Tuesday at Current price tag: $60,000.

Its current owners are Tom and Michael Lackovic whose mom was married to Horton Smith's brother, according to GolfDigest.

They've had the jacket for the last 42 years.

Years fly by," the man said. So Horton Smith's green jacket -- given to him as winner of the first Masters in 1934 -- was "just hanging in a moldy old closet, not doing anybody any good," to further quote its co-owner, Michael Lackovic.

Not anymore though. After reading about how Al Geiberger had consigned some memorabilia to Geiberger's putter from the round he shot 59 recently sold for $7,222.

"I called Mr. Geiberger," Lackovic said, "and he told me he was so happy to see the putter displayed at Ping. So my brother and I decided to call the Green Jacket people."

The people were, obviously thrilled.

"Mike Lackovic called out of the blue and said, 'We have something you guys are looking for,'" Carey said. "They knew what it was -- it had been in the family 64 years -- but they didn't know how valuable it had become."

Because Green Jacket had been offered a "blatant fake" green jacket recently, Carey flew to Georgia to examine the Lackovic piece.

"This one is the real thing," he said. "There's no better way to keep a jacket in good condition than to just hang it up. It's never been worn, and it's perfect."

The Lackovics are giving up the jacket because they're getting older and wanted to pass the jacket on before they passed on themselves.

"I'm about to be 77 and my brother's about to be 80," Michael Lackovic said. "We decided it's time to find the jacket a good home."

Happy bidding.

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