Video: How is Michael Phelps going to do on The Haney Project?

The funny thing about the game of golf is that no matter how talented an athlete you are, you could be really, really bad at this game. There is no precedent for being great, it's just basically hard work on the golf course and hope that you can "get it." It's one of the reasons that a guy with the build of Rory McIlroy can be great, as can someone that looks like Carl Pettersson and someone as tall as Dustin Johnson.

So when arguably the greatest Olympian in our history decides to put his mind to the game of golf, it could be interesting. Michael Phelps has signed on to be a student on "The Haney Project," a Golf Channel original show that features instructor Hank Haney working with a variety of celebrities from different walks of life (Charles Barkley, Ray Romano and Rush Limbaugh have all been under the tutelage of Haney over the course of his show). 

The show will start filming next month, and will air in February of 2013, but why don't we take a look at a couple of videos of Phelps' golf game.

The first is one of him doing some sort of putting contest, and the only criticism might be how fast he looks up after he hits the putts (granted, he's trying to go fast, so you can't totally evaluate his stroke).

The second is actually a nice preview of Phelps with Haney, and while it looks like the guy can rock the golf gear, I think his swing will take some work to get dialed in. That said, Phelps has admitted that he's planning on taking it easy at this point in his life, so time on the range might be just what he needs.

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