Video: Rory McIlroy hits tennis balls with his golf club at the Yale Bowl

When you win the PGA Championship, you can do just about anything you want the rest of the season without much regret. You can take a ton of time away from the game. You can spend some time on your boat. Or, in Rory McIlroy's case, you can go pal around with girlfriend and tennis professional Caroline Wozniacki, and see how good you are at combining the two sports.

Rory showed up at the Yale Bowl to pop some tennis balls with his driver, hoping to hit one down a tunnel at the field, which he did in just a few attempts. 

In college, this was a rather normal weekday activity for the house I lived at with a fellow golf fanatic, but that sound has to be added, right? I've hit plenty of tennis balls with golf clubs in my life, and while I don't exactly approach the game the same skill as two-time major winner Rory McIlroy, I do know that tennis balls do not make a "pinging" sound. 

Anyway, cool idea, and even when he's pounding tennis balls, that golf swing is one I could watch over and over again. 

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