VIDEO: This golf commercial is the funniest thing you will watch today

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I don't even know where to begin.

I could not stop laughing the first time I saw this video for Mike's Golf Shop. From Mike forgetting to say "clubs" at the beginning and leading with "we buy golf" (which makes zero sense) to him just repeatedly saying "we buy golf clubs" six times in a row at the end, this is just a classic YouTube video.

It's almost like he thinks the microphone isn't picking up his voice so he just gets louder and louder as the clip goes on. He also starts to enunciate more and more as it goes on which also makes no sense. I'm so fascinated by this whole thing.

Who is Mike? Does he actually make $3 million a year selling golf clubs and have a box at Neyland Stadium? Is this not actually Mike but somebody who was hired by Mike to make an insane video? I'd believe anything at this point.

Alex Myers suggested that maybe Mike knew what he was doing and made the video this way on purpose as a viral-y campaign. Given the font on the windows and signs (is it masking tape??) I say there's absolutely no way. called it "the year's most oddly hypnotic video."

That's certainly one thing it is.

h/t GolfDigest

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