Video: Watch a guy hit a ball with a 14-foot golf club

During a given golf round, there are plenty of times when a playing partner might ask you, "Did you see that shot" while it's traveling in the air, but few times are guys asking that while their ball is still on the tee.

That could be the case with Michael Furrh of Arlington, Texas, who unofficially broke the Guinness Book of World Record's mark for longest driver ever used to hit a golf ball.

Furrh, a golf pro in the area, hit a ball with a 14-foot, 2.5-inch driver and it went all of 144 yards, meaning that A.) he's got some pretty darn good hand-eye coordination and B.) the dude has plenty of time on his hands.

The previous mark was set in 2009 with a driver that was a measly 13 feet, 5 inches, so yeah, weight room! 

h/t Deadspin

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