WATCH: Adorable fox swipes golfer's ball from the green after watching approach shot

Animals on a golf course aren't particularly rare. Gators in particular are known to wreak some havoc on the links, but they at least mind their own business. At the Springfield Country Club in Pennsylvania, however, a fox made its presence known by stealing a chipper's approach shot as soon as his ball came to a rest on the green.

The foxes were in position before the shot.

If your ball has mysteriously disappeared over the past month.........we think we know why! 🦊

Posted by Springfield Country Club on Friday, August 17, 2018

This is doubly obnoxious because that was a pretty good shot before the fox got a hold of it. He scampers off, thinking that no one is any the wiser to the pilfering, but unfortunately the tape never lies.

Based on the club's caption on the Facebook video, it appears that these foxes have set up quite the golf ball-yoinking operation. 

 "If your ball has mysteriously disappeared over the past month, we think we know why!"

You've got to respect it. That fox saw an opportunity and seized it. 

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