WATCH: Billy Hurley III goes after Jordan Spieth in hilarious campaign video

Jordan Spieth is no leader of men. Well, that's what Billy Hurley III would have you believe, at least. 

Hurley dropped an absolutely fire campaign video that exposed Spieth and showed what a strong leader Hurley would be. Hurley represents the common man, and that alone makes him the best option for chairman of the PGA Tour Advisory Council -- and the former military man knows it. 

Here's the video in all of its glory, featuring Hurley's service in the military.

Why does it sound like Trey Parker and Matt Stone narrated this? Does it matter? Whatever the case, the facts are clear. Hurley represents the working class, he's here for the people and he served our country. Spieth is part of the 1 percent, sitting in his ivory tower, laughing at those golfing below him. Hurley also served in the military, if you haven't heard.

It appears Spieth has already conceded victory, saying that he himself will be voting for Hurley.

Not a leader of men, indeed.

It's a great trailer and a lot of fun, and it's good Spieth can laugh at himself. Although, it would be hard to not laugh at this. If the chairman is elected by who has the best campaign video, Hurley is a shoo-in.

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