WATCH: European Tour pro hits 500 balls hoping for a single hole in one

I rarely watch videos on Twitter, but this one of European Tour player Edoardo Molinari trying to make a hole in one with a bucket of 500 balls had me captivated. Molinari was given 500 hacks with his 9-iron to see if he could score that elusive ace. There as much cursing (still safe for work, don't worry), lots of close calls and probably some blisters. 

I won't spoil the outcome for you, but the outcome didn't matter much for me, to be honest. The thrill of watching a pro grind over trying to make a 145-yard shot was entertainment enough.

The best part? At one point Molinari said, "I'm about to cry, I promise you."

Enjoy the show, and well done (again), European Tour.

CBS Sports Writer

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