WATCH: Gary Player, 81, does a back flip off a boat with relative ease

I'm 32, and I'm not sure I can do what Gary Player did over the weekend. The 81-year-old nine-time major winner did a back flip off the side of a boat, and he nearly stuck the landing. Again, he's 81

‪Age is just a number & we are only as old as those surrounding you #grandchildrenschallenge #playerfamily‬

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Player has preached about the benefits of fitness for as long as he's been alive (like, his first words might have been "pushup"), and it's clear he's been receptive to his own advice. The man is a machine at an age when most are winding down.

The South African is still going strong as evidenced by that flip off a boat and this photo of him recently in a bulldozer. We toss around the term "legend" a lot, but in Player's case it actually applies. And it has (and will) for a long time.

The simple joys of working on the farm...

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