WATCH: How wearables are affecting the sport, culture of golf on the course

Wearables are changing our culture, and the sport of golf is not exempt. “How many steps have you walked?” is as common a question as, “Where are you going to eat?”

Professional golfers will do anything to gain even the slightest advantage. That’s why they are using wearables to help improve their games in the gym. They measure everything from sleep to what kind of calories they are putting in their bodies

Camelback Golf Club pro Matt Sim said the technology is even helping amateurs who want to improve their fitness which can lead to lower scores. 

But while the change for amateurs can be a couple of strokes, the difference for professionals who use the technology can be millions of dollars. 

Rory McIlroy told me a few weeks ago that he considers power in golf a skill. You train for it and you develop the muscles and fitness you need to hit the ball long distances. This skill helps you win golf tournaments.

The question: Why anyone would not use this technology?

The younger generation is among the fittest in golf history because it has to be. Golf has never been more competitive at the highest level, and any iota of help golfers can get will make a world of difference. 

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