WATCH: Mongoose-snake fight will make you never want to visit golf course again

For all the reasons I'm an advocated for golf, a snake-mongoose fight on a course is certainly not one of them.

European Tour pro Andrew Coltart recently captured the dustup between a mongoose and a snake while in Sun City, South Africa, for the Nedbank Golf Challenge.

I can't say I enjoyed watching it, but I did make it through the entire thing with only one of my palms drenched in sweat. Thankfully there wasn't a real moment of truth as the snake was never able to catch the quicker mongoose, but we did have a few close calls throughout. 

And in fact, it seems like the mongoose may have won in the end after all. Here's an Instagram exchange between another pro golfer, David Horsey, and Coltart.

Horsey: Did the mongoose get him? Or did you not stay to find out??
Coltart: Mongoose 1, snake 0
Horsey: Did you see it? Bet that was unbelievable.
Coltart: To be fair mate, it was Ben Taylor who does all our virtual stuff. I need to find out from him but it is amazing.

As always, beware of bogeys, triples and mongoose-eating snakes during your next golf outing.

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