WATCH: New TV show covers how golf is played nude, in prisons and on hoverboards

Good luck on the hoverboard. Skratch TV

I love golf. I love it at the highest levels, but I also love hearing and reading about players trying to make it to the highest levels. I love junior golf and Ryder Cup golf and father-son golf and golf all over the world. That's why this new series by Skratch TV really struck a chord with me.

The folks at Skratch profiled various types of golf all over the world, including the highest course on the planet (only available to the military), nude golf, hoverboard golf and prison golf. There are 10 mini-documentary-style episodes, and they all look awesome.

Also some familiar faves recently picked up on the hoverboard genre.

Here's a preview of the goodies Skratch has put together.

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