Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was released from prison in Nevada earlier this week after nearly a decade of incarceration because of an armed robbery incident in Las Vegas. 

Simpson has set up shop in Nevada as he was photographed outside a Las Vegas home working on his short game, chipping and putting on some artificial turf. His lawyer told the New York Times that Simpson would "wind up in Florida" eventually.

At one point in his life, Simpson claimed a 10 handicap, although at 70 years of age with nine years of prison in the rearview mirror, it is likely much higher now. Still, he's always been obsessed with the sport.

"For five hours a day, golf takes all my concentration, and nobody bugs me," Simpson once told Sports Illustrated. "People are good about it. It's like a golf course is kind of sacred. If I didn't have golf, I'd be in Bellevue."