WATCH: Tiger Woods continues to tease return to golf, this time with a stinger

Tiger Woods once again dropped a Twitter video on us on Monday afternoon when he posted this shot of him hitting a stinger, his most famous shot. Woods was recently fully cleared for all golf activity, and it appears that he's taking advantage of that as we've seen several shots of him hitting drivers and irons in recent weeks.

And all of this after he warned against getting our hopes up about a comeback just last month at the Presidents Cup. Here's what Woods said just four weeks ago.

"I don't know what 100 percent means after eight surgeries, but I'll try and get as close as I can to that number, yes," Woods said at the time. "But as I said, we just take it one step at a time. It's a process, and I'm in no hurry."

It looks like, however, he's progressing nicely.

And the stinger was a reminder of the old days when he could take down lesser men and entire tournaments with this single shot. It was a thing of beauty, and frankly still is.

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