We all need to help Thomas Levet get to one million Twitter followers

Yes, that is an actual promise from Thomas Levet, a six-time winner on the European Tour, who is really getting into the social media game. 

Levet is promising to dress like Lady Gaga and play an event in the outfit if he can get to one million Twitter followers, a mighty high goal for the man that has under 6,000 followers at the time of this post.

He has been landing more and more followers and is trying to get into Stewart Cink and Ian Poulter land, and it will probably take months before this even begins to tape shape, but wouldn't this be the best golf costume change since Fred Funk wore a skirt at the Skins Game?

Please, can we all just follow him? I want to see a 43-year-old Frenchman try to shoot under par while rocking the meat suit. Oh, and if it happens, might I suggest Levet re-watch these moves from Gabe on "The Office"?
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