What else could Augusta National change?

Augusta National could still tweak a couple of things. (Getty Images)

You've heard by now about the news coming out of Augusta National that for the first time in the history of the club two female members have been asked to join. It's big news for the most sacred grounds in golf, but there are other things the home of the Masters could to do to further the sport. Here are three suggestions for one of the prettiest places in the world to expand their reach even further.

Host a LPGA Event -- Okay, so they've know broken down a barrier that had a lot of women up in arms about, but it's 2012, and the equality of Augusta doesn't need to stop there. The LPGA is growing, and it would be a huge statement of the green jackets decided to give them a chance at playing Augusta National for their own major event. The USGA is playing the same course in 2014 for both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open in consecutive weeks, so hopefully Augusta wouldn't mind getting in on this and hosting the ladies to see how they'd fare on those perfect fairways and undulated greens. 

Extend the Masters coverage -- The best golf week of the year is the Masters. It's wonderful. The sounds, the azaleas, Amen Corner; all of it is exactly what we want. But fans want more. They always have. The coverage of the event has moved to great lengths the last few years, and fans are appreciative of that, but the television coverage could be eight hours long each day and every golf fan worth his weight in soft spikes would have it on the entire time. I know that the short window is part of the allure of Augusta National, but add a few more hours each day. Trust me, fans would thank you.

Allow fans to pick each day's "featured group" at the Masters -- The Masters online coverage is second to none. Their website is incredibly beautiful, and the featured groups online is what they do to give fans a better chance of watching more golf. But a lot of the times, the featured groups aren't the true "featured groups." Allow fans to vote on the site a week prior to the Masters which group they want to watch, and from there you can really give them a voice at one of the most sacred places in all of sports. It would increase views on the web and leave fans totally satisfied. 

And honestly, that's it. We love the Masters and Augusta National and how much it brings out the best in golf. The strides the club has made over the years have been welcoming, and Monday's announcement just made it all that better. Keep up the online ticketing system, allow fans to bring cameras during the practice round, and keep selling those pimento cheese sandwiches for pocket change. It's all what makes this one week in April so special. 

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