Why don't we play the PGA Championship in February?

I would have rather seen Jason Dufner hoist the Wanamaker in February. (USATSI)
I would have rather seen Jason Dufner hoist the Wanamaker in February. (USATSI)

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I'm sure this has written about by more qualified writer and golf media members than myself. Surely someone high on the golfing food chain has posited that the PGA Championship should be shoved forward or backward to a different month than the one it's currently in.

I wanted to re-visit the argument though because the last nine weeks have been exhausting. For the players as well, I'm sure, but I was mainly talking about for us as fans -- there hasn't even been time to breathe, much less appreciate what's happening.

The Masters stands alone in April, which is great -- that's how it should be, just sitting there as the crown jewel of the major season, ready to be had by anyone capable of conquoring its grandeur. 

But then there are only 59 days between when the US Open tees off in June to when the PGA Champion raises (or tries to raise) that monster Wanamaker trophy in August. That's less time than it takes for a singular Tim Tebow story to complete one media cycle.

In fact, this year there was more time between the end of the Masters and the beginning of the US Open (60 days) than there was from the beginning of the US Open to the end of the PGA Championship (59 days).

That's nonsensical, isn't it?

Why don't we open the season with the PGA Championship in February? It really is a great month for it -- football is over, March Madness isn't here yet, baseball is still dormant save a few pitchers and catchers.

Plus, the length of time from the beginning of the season in January to the Masters feels like it lasts forever. It's one long 13-week slog to get to Augusta.

You could play the PGA in any number of different hot-weather venues -- heck, they play Pebble Beach in February already, have it there every year.

Then we could leave the US Open where it is and move the British Open back a few weeks -- the beginning of August, perhaps -- and have some space between these things. There would be a better flow to the season and you wouldn't have to wait 242 days between the end of the PGA Championship and the beginning of the next year's Masters.

I don't ask for much, but an eight-month wait between majors seems a little ridiculous.

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