Why should we care that Tiger Woods recently shot a 66?

Is Tiger Woods ready? (Getty Images)
Is Tiger Woods ready? (Getty Images)

Tiger Woods shot a 66 at Medalist Golf Club recently. That's a truthful sentence I could have typed literally any time in the past decade that would have probably been pretty accurate.

The difference this time? First, Woods has been awful in tournament play so anything below 70 has to be encouraging. Second? He was playing two golf balls and taking his worst shots.

That's what Tim Rosaforte noted on Golf Channel last night, anyway.

Woods played two balls on every hole at Medalist and played the worst of the two balls, validating every made birdie with a putt from the same spot.

I don't have any idea if this is true (I have no reason to believe it isn't), but I have to say I got excited reading this information. Genuinely excited. That's irrational, of course, but what is rationality when it comes to Woods?

Rosaforte also noted that Woods chipped in at No. 2 at Augusta on Tuesday (which means he's still missing greens).

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