With Tiger Woods healthy and playing, fan sends doctor a 'thank you' gift

Tiger Woods' seemingly remarkable comeback has a different aura about it this time. It feels like it's going to stick. With that in mind, the golf world is thrilled to welcome Big Cat back. However, one fan is looking to thank the person that made it possible: Woods' doctor, Dr. Richard Guyer at the Texas Back Institute.

Claire Rogers, 23, sent Guyer an Edible Arrangement to thank him for bringing Woods back to the fold.

"I'm a golf fanatic,'' Rogers told ESPN. "I've always loved the sport. I love all the other great players, but it's been so much fun to watch Tiger come back, as I'm sure it has been for so many people. I've always loved Arnold Palmer's tournament, and I got so excited about the comeback I decided to send the doctor a thank-you note.''

Rogers, who has worked as an intern at Golf Digest the last two summers, showed the confirmation from Edible Arrangements on Twitter.

And it was also confirmed via Guyer on Rogers' Twitter.

Rogers said the basket idea after Woods shot 68 to open the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Guyer hasn't done press on the surgery, opting to only give the specifics of the surgery in a release in April. He called it a minimally invasive fusion at the L5/S1 vertebral segment towards the bottom of the spine, which also included removing the damaged disc in Woods' back and pushing the collapsed disc space back to level. After that, it was a waiting game. In short, Guyer allowed Woods to swing again.

"[Guyer] must feel pumped when he sees Tiger in contention,'' Rogers told ESPN.

She added: "I wanted to send him something that would be funny but he would also understand that it's a thank you."

Woods has long sought a solution to his back issues, getting three other surgeries over four years, but none of them took. He has said that he's still stiff, but the pain doesn't stay with him, which is a huge sign for his recovery.

Woods' next scheduled event is The Masters, which will begin on April 5. Woods is looking like a favorite at the major, which no one would have ever believed if you'd told them at the beginning of this year.

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