I saw the number and let out a sigh. 

Tiger Woods is probably the 200th-best golfer in the world right now (give or take), but when it comes to driving traffic, there's still nobody in his stratosphere.

Want proof?

Woods played the Wyndham Championship last week and the tournament got a 3.9 rating on Sunday, according to the Associated Press, when Woods was never seriously in contention. A 3.9! 

Some perspective: The PGA Championship the week before got a 4.4. The 3.9 is the highest rating for a non-major since the 2013 Players Championship (which Woods won). It's also up 160 percent over last year's final round when Camilo Villegas won.

Even more crazy is the fact that the third round (when Woods was leading) got a higher rating (3.3) than the third round of the PGA Championship, British Open or the past three US Opens. That is insane.

Tiger Woods might not be a serious threat in the golf world any longer, but he's going to keep boosting ratings for years to come.

Tiger Woods, still the king. (USATSI)
Tiger Woods, still the king. (USATSI)