Masters Hole-by-Hole

Augusta National underwent minor changes following the 2006 Masters Tournament, with two holes -- Nos. 11 and 15 -- receiving updates.

The Masters tees of the aforementioned holes were moved back 5-7 yards. In addition, the mow line on No. 11 was changed 3-5 yards on the golfer's right and pine straw replaced grass under the pine trees on the right side of the fairway.

The modifications are not the first in Augusta National's history. Below is a list of the significant changes that have taken place at the course, dating back to when it was founded.

Year Change
1931 Land is purchased for Augusta National Golf Club. Alister Mackenzie and Robert T. Jones are asked to design the course.
1932 Club opens in December.
1933 Formal opening takes place in January.
1935 Front and back nines are reversed.
1949 Ike's Pond is created.
1955 Bridge at No. 15 is dedicated as the 'Gene Sarazen Bridge.'
1958 Par 3 course is created. Bridges are dedicated to Ben Hogan (hole No. 12) and Byron Nelson (hole No. 13).
1974 Feldspar sand is introduced in the bunkers.
1978 Bentgrass greens added to the Par 3 course.
1981 All greens on Augusta National are converted to bentgrass. A heating and cooling system is added to the green at No. 12.
1990 Fixed the damaged caused by floods to the greens at No. 11 and 12, and the members tee at No. 13.
1992 New practice green is built.
1999 The second cut of grass along the fairway is increased to 1 3/8 inch.
2002 Tees on nine holes are either redesigned or lengthened. Several fairways and bunkers were altered. Course yardage was increased to 7,270.
2003 Tee on No. 5 and fairway bunkers are extended approximately 80 yards toward the green. The hole now measures 455 yards.
2004 Pine trees added to the right side of the fairway on No. 11. Green on No. 13 is rebuilt and heating/cooling systems are installed.
2006 Masters tees were redesigned and lenthened on six holes.
* Source: Augusta National Golf Club.