Final 2019-20 MaxPreps Top 25 high school girls basketball rankings

Video: Final Top 25 girls basketball rankings
La Jolla Country Day is crowned National Champion.

In the end, it came down to strength of schedule — and the only way to compare teams from thousands of miles away is by using the MaxPreps SOS algorithm.

First, no algorithm is perfect, so there's certainly room for debate — but then again, the eye test gives different results in different games. A team can look wonderful one night, and it's easy to think "Oh, that's a No. 1 team." But another person, watching the same team miss shots a few nights later, could easily think, "Please – they're not even top five."

Add in the geographical uncertainty about whether Southern California is really better than Texas or the DMV, or if some of those Minnesota teams Hopkins beat could compete nationally, and there's another reason to fall back to something objective, like a computer ranking, even if it does have some flaws.

So in the end, despite the incomplete postseason play, La Jolla Country Day winds up as the 2019-20 MaxPreps National Champion behind the coaching of Terri Bamford and wonderful play of Te-Hina Paopao. ...

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