Final national 2019-20 high school girls basketball assist leaders

Video: Paige Bueckers highlights

Watch the nation's top recruit and No. 5 assist leader.

These were the playmakers, the top 50 girls basketball leaders in assists in the country for 2019-20.

When teams needed a bucket, these were the girls who directly got the scorers the ball most frequently per 32 minutes.

Of the 50, 27 were seniors, 13 were juniors, eight were sophomores and two were seniors.

Florida ran away with the most representatives from the list with 12, followed by seven from California and three each by Arizona and West Virginia.

North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, New York, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Wisconsin and Georgia all had two out of the Top 50, and Alabama, Minnesota, Indiana, New Jersey and New Mexico had one player each. ...

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