Final national 2019-20 high school girls basketball scoring leaders

Video: Julianna Walker's halfcourt buzzer-beater

Watch nation's second-best scoring in Top 10 Plays of the Week.

These were the point-getters, the top 50 girls basketball scorers in the nation for 2019-20.

These were the girls who scored the most per 32 minutes.

Of the top 50, 24 were seniors, 14 were juniors, seven were sophomores, three were freshman and two played varsity basketball as eighth-graders.

With six, Florida boasted the most players on this scoring list, followed by North Carolina with five and Georgia, California, Ohio and South Carolina, with four each.

Missouri, Pennsylvania and New York had three on the list, Washington and Maryland came in with two and Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Washington D.C. ...

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